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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Aug 12, 2010 10:26am
Forum: texts Subject: Google/Verizon Press Conference - Net Neurtrality is Dead!

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Call FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and tell him to stop Google's evil deal!

Genachowski: Stop Google's evil deal!

Huffington Post headline:

Friends, Deadheads, and internet users - get your music, images, texts, amd movies now, while the getting is good! Democracy on the internet is over!

Verizon and Google announced the Death of Net Neutrality for all of us!

Google and Verizon just announced that they will use their massive lobbying budgets to pressure the FCC to kill Net Neutrality. Their proposal? To allow giant corporations to have a bigger voice than the rest of us by building a new, corporate-controlled fast lane online and leaving the rest of us behind.

Obama appointee and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski can stop this evil deal.

We've gotten a hold of Genachowski's office telephone number. Can you give him a call and tell him to reject Google's deal? Click here.

This deal is the definition of evil. Kiss goodbye forever your freedom to search, or browse, or locate, or download, or stream and/or ever listen to Grateful Dead tapes again, once Net Neutrality is gone. Bit Torrents will be be hopelessly slow - if you're lucky! Comcast has already been caught red-handed. Comcast was censoring and limiting bandwidth to their internet subscribers who used bit torrents to do file-sharing with others via peer-to-peer networking. A lawsuit is pending, Hart v. Comcast of Alameda, No. 2:08-MD-1992-LDD. Comcast has proven they will be extorting EXTRA FEES and NEW FEES from everyone. This is just so we can get the same internet we're already getting right now. WTF!!!

You can "kiss goodbye free downloading music, free streaming music, free viewing images, movies, and texts on The Internet Archive forever!" The only thing you will be getting "for free" are ads, spam, phishing, spy-bots, propaganda items, brainwashing, lies, and bullshit - 24/7/365! Just take a moment and check it out.

It would open the door to outright blocking of political content big corporations don't like, just as Verizon did recently with text messages from NARAL Pro-choice America. And it would make it much harder for new innovations like the next YouTube to get off the ground. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace social networking sites will be off limits to you, unless you enjoy sharing free corporate infomercials with your friends.

The Internet would no longer be a level playing field. Instead, Google would create a corporate-controlled Internet for the big guys, and crumbs for us. Get ready to pony up people. The toll lanes and toll booths are coming to an ISP near you. That's what this means to you.

Genachowski can't sit by while big corporations write the rules for the Internet. He needs to reject this deal and protect the American people's right to a free and open Internet.

We urge you to call Chairman Genachowski. Tell him to reject Google's evil deal! This is your chance to you tell him "Blow Me!" when you call his phone number, at 202-418-1000 . The FCC is throwing our demorcracy down the toilet. The FCC and Obama are being traitors. Obama promised to defend Net Neutrality. Now he appears to be saying, "Shove it up your ass!"

Monday, the PCCC joined Free Press, MoveOn, CREDO Action, and ColorOfChange to deliver a first batch of signatures to Google's DC headquarters -- we delivered 300,000 strong.

We'll make sure Google continues to hear about the increasing number of Internet users who refuse to let big corporations end the Internet as we know it.

Your call today will make a big difference - click here to join us.

Thanks for being a bold progressive,

Jason Rosenbaum, Julia Rosen, Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green and the rest of the PCCC team

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Here's another group of groups weighing in with us. They're from The Public sector.


Dear Friends, Deadheads, and internet users,

On Monday, Google and Verizon made it official: Forget "Don't Be Evil" — they're planning a massive corporate takeover of the Internet.

Their deal was met with a deafening public outcry — with hundreds of thousands of angry letters rolling in, and everyone from Silicon Valley innovators to leading members of Congress weighing in against the dangerous pact.

But one man was strangely silent: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

You'd think the chairman would have something to say, given that two of the biggest companies on the Internet want to put toll roads on the information superhighway, eliminate Net Neutrality on wireless networks, and turn the FCC into a toothless watchdog.

We think it's time Chairman Genachowski spoke up.

We think it's time he denounced this deal in no uncertain terms.

We think it's time he made clear that these behemoths can't write their own rules — because that's his job.

And we think it's time that he deliver on his promise to restore the FCC's authority to protect Internet users and make Net Neutrality the rule of the road — once and for all.

If you agree, add your name to our letter to Chairman Genachowski:

Dear Chairman Genachowski,
Google and Verizon's pact has sparked a massive public outcry. People are upset because we've seen what happens when we let big companies regulate themselves or hope they'll do the right thing.

Please denounce this deal and deliver on your promise to restore the FCC's authority to protect Internet users and make Net Neutrality the rule of the road.

We know such a move may not be popular on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley, but it's the kind of leadership we need now.

It's not up to Google and Verizon to make public policy. We're counting on you to save the Internet.
Chairman Genachowski has heard plenty from Google and Verizon. Now he needs to hear from you. Please sign the letter now.

Thank you,
Craig Aaron

Managing Director
Free Press

P.S. Google let us down in striking this deal. But its betrayal has brought unprecedented attention to the need to protect the open Internet. We must keep the pressure on the FCC. Please forward this e-mail widely and share the letter on Facebook and Twitter.

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